Liquid gold

Most people take water for granted.  It’s only when it’s not available that we realise just how precious it is. The New York Times describes how private tanker operators in Kathmandu profit when water is scarce.  “This is like liquid gold,” says a tanker driver, “maybe more than gold.”

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USA Iran conflict

All eyes on Iran

Countdown to a crisis Iran is facing a water crisis.  The World Resources Institute says it’s number 4 on the crisis list after Israel, Lebanon, and Qatar.  Water consumption is increasing, aquafers have been drunk dry, and investment is inadequate.

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california lacks a year of rain

The USA isn’t facing up to the full extent of its water crisis

The problem is quantity as well as quality. Over the last decade, the USA has been rocked by, and focused on, what happened in Flint.  This isn’t the place to retell Flint’s story, the facts of which CNN has kindly set out for us all.  But Flint is a water quality issue. When it comes to water quantity, or scarcity, then most Americans think first of Africa, India, the Middle East, or of Asia.  They don’t in general think about their own country.

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Water will shape the world in the next 50 years

Along with AI, Algae, Implantable Tech, Climate Change, Cryptocurrency, Empathy, Genetics, Lab-grown meat, Surveillance, Universal basic income, and Virtual Reality. Experts’ predictions seem to be more heavily discounted than they used to be, but here’s a group of experts who answered a lot of questions, the answers to which were synthesized into 12 themes. One of those themes is Water.

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Ofwat_logo 2

Cut leakage and bills says UK regulator

£50 off the average bill and 16% reduction in leakage over the next 5 years. The UK water industry may have breathed a sigh of relief on Friday after the UK general election because it no longer faced being re-nationalised.

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Global temperature graph

Past the point of no return

It’s an inexorability.

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We’re sleepwalking into a global water crisis

The warnings are there but no one's acting on them.

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Water fountain

Foreigners drink New South Wales dry

Claims the "Uncoventional Economist"

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Just another South African water crisis?

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