It's alarming

The cost to instrument a network has fallen dramatically.  You can get a pressure/flow logger for less than £200, US$260, EUR230 at today’s exchange rates. But what’s not so easy is to make use of the information that’s derived from those devices. Today we want to highlight just one function: alarms.

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Regulators get tough

The UK’s regulator is seen as having been tough on UK water companies in its recent price determination. Headlines such as “It's about time Ofwat got tougher on 'game-playing' water companies” suggest that there isn’t much public sympathy. But Northumbrian Water, Anglian Water, Yorkshire Water and Bristol Water are all appealing.  Thames Water, who had been thought likely to appeal, accepted the determination because fighting it would be a “significant management distraction.”  And they lost a CEO candidate in the process.

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Save water, drink beer

Glasgow, Scotland craft beer brand Brewgooder has come up with a cunning plan.

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Early detection

3 customer calls from the same area and you know you’ve got an incident so you’re out in the vans. Trouble is, that incident is already well underway by the time 3 different customers have decided that they need to call you. So here’s a different way of doing it: triangulation.

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Poisoned water chalice?

Sky News reports that Basil Scarsella, CEO of UK Power Networks, has withdrawn his application for the role of Chief Executive at Thames Water, just as an official announcement confirming his appointment was expected.

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The climate crisis is a water crisis

Tim Wainwright, Chief Executive of WaterAid UK, writes that throughout the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos in January 2020 he had one consistent message: for the world’s poorest, the climate crisis is a water crisis.

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Dani's dying to drink tap water

British actress Dani Dyer won’t drink tap water. She apparently thinks it’s poisoned deliberately by the Government and will eventually be used as a tool to cull the population.

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Nile dam deal nearly done

Reports have emerged of a deal between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan in relation to the Grand Renaissance Dam. Ethiopia’s flagship dam on the Nile will power the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa at 6,450 MW, making it the 7th largest in the world. This will solve Ethopia’s energy challenges in one go and enable it to export energy to neighbouring countries.  Currently 65% of its population are not connected to the grid.

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Liquid gold

Most people take water for granted.  It’s only when it’s not available that we realise just how precious it is. The New York Times describes how private tanker operators in Kathmandu profit when water is scarce.  “This is like liquid gold,” says a tanker driver, “maybe more than gold.”

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USA Iran conflict

All eyes on Iran

Countdown to a crisis Iran is facing a water crisis.  The World Resources Institute says it’s number 4 on the crisis list after Israel, Lebanon, and Qatar.  Water consumption is increasing, aquafers have been drunk dry, and investment is inadequate.

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