Dam Chihuahua

Mexican farmers went to war last month to protect their water supply and seized 2 dams in Chihuahua. One woman was shot dead during the unrest.

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Acuacar will use i2O’s iNet Network Analytics software in Cartagena, Colombia

Acuacar is the water company of Cartagena de Indias, probably Colombia’s most famous and most visited city. Over the last twenty years, Acuacar has transformed water services that underpin the city’s success, with clean water now available to 100% of the city’s 1 million population and its 2.5 million visitors a year.

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Aguas Kpital will use i2O’s iNet Network Analytics software in Cúcuta, Colombia

Aguas Kpital is a multi-award winning water company with a strong social conscience.  It serves the city of Cúcuta, home to ¾ million people.  The city is close to Colombia’s border with Venezuela, so one of its challenges has been a population swollen by the 1.6m refugees from Venezuela who have crossed into Colombia.

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Artesia Consulting & i2O Water strategic partnership

Artesia Consulting and i2O Water are delighted to announce a global strategic partnership that will make Artesia’s Data Analytics software available to i2O’s clients as part of the iNet advanced analytics solution.

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Ancient and modern

Lima is the capital and largest city in Peru.  Its population is more than 10 million, making it about the same size as London, Paris, Seoul, or Chennai.

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The Last Drop

In 2019 “sustainability journalist” Tim Smedley wrote Clearing The Air.  It’s highly rated and was shortlisted for the Royal Society insight investment science book prize 2019.

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Stock picking

Water companies have been busy pandemic planning.  And their suppliers have no doubt been busy planning too, trying to work out the likely impact of the COVID-19 situation. There are several pointers now to water use being up overall in spite of commercial and industrial use being down.

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Scenes from a dry city

World Press Photo has awarded the top prize for online video to Scenes from a Dry City.  It’s a documentary set in and around Cape Town, South Africa about the water crisis and how the problem is worsening existing social inequalities.

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Lessons From Lockdown

Not a school curriculum for remote learning but two observations.

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