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Cut leakage and bills says UK regulator

£50 off the average bill and 16% reduction in leakage over the next 5 years. The UK water industry may have breathed a sigh of relief on Friday after the UK general election because it no longer faced being re-nationalised.

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Global temperature graph

Past the point of no return

It’s an inexorability.

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We’re sleepwalking into a global water crisis

The warnings are there but no one's acting on them.

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Water fountain

Foreigners drink New South Wales dry

Claims the "Uncoventional Economist"

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Just another South African water crisis?

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Desiccated dichotomy or trifecta?

Look it up...

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What will happen when water runs out?

Civil unrest...

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Chile drought: 34,000 animals dead so far

790,000 more in poor condition...

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How do you assess the security of SaaS?

Use two padlocks...

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