Poor water management in the Middle East

A new World Bank report puts a figure on the cost of poor water management in the Middle East and North Africa at $21bn a year. It says that of all the challenges the Middle East and North Africa faces, it is least prepared for water crises. This is set against a background of increasing water consumption and unsustainable amounts of water being extracted in more than half the countries in the region.

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Cheque this out

Pucallpa is a city in the east of Peru. It is built on one bank of the Ucayali River, a major tributary of the Amazon.

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Manmade glacier

More extreme weather is one of the 6 key global trends that i2O sees affecting its clients in the water industry (along with increasing population size and urbanisation, ageing network infrastructure, an ageing workforce, customers becoming more demanding, and difficulty in increasing revenue and accessing capital).

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Drought: act now before it's too late

Droughts are occurring more frequently. Because populations are increasing and urbanising, the impact of drought on agriculture and people could be devastating. Major cities could run out of water and the resulting unrest could create civil strife, mass migration, and conflict.

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That sinking feeling

Sinkholes make great pictures. There’s something unsettling about the idea of the ground opening up and swallowing houses, cars, even people.

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Water crisis

Let’s google “water crisis” in the news and see whether i2O’s list of challenges measures up (recognising that there is a skew to English language reporting).

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Underinvesting in infrastructure can cost big in the end

It’s only when disaster strikes that we look back, recognise, and accept that there has been a significant shortfall in investment in ageing infrastructure. For the residents of Grenfell Tower in London, there are questions now about whether the cladding, which was used to cost-effectively address environmental issues with heating and cooling, was a conduit for the rapid spread of fire. There are questions about whether a sprinkler system should have been installed, as would be mandatory in a newly-built tower of a similar height. There are questions about the availability of fire-fighting equipment in common parts of the building.

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Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink

This is a picture of Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. The picture is an image from NASA generated from a Landsat satellite image and elevation data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM). The city centre is located at Table Bay (at the lower left), adjacent to Table Mountain, bounded by the sea on two sides.

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The playbook for best practice outage management

In a recent event experienced by Anglian Water in the UK in March 2017, a tweet was picked up by local media outlet LincolnshireLive from resident Phil Scrafton who tweeted at Anglian Water: "No water for 20hrs, 1 week old baby needs feed, multiple calls to you yet still no bottled water. Why aren't you looking?" The rather ponderous headline read: “Tesco out of water as hundreds STILL have no supply after 20 hours (including family with newborn)”.

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Drought and about

California’s drought may be over for now but they’re heading into summer and California’s rain levels vary more than anywhere else in the United States. By 40 to 50% in either direction compared with eastern states which fluctuate by only 10%. So the outlook isn’t rosy.

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