Queen Bee - lessons from a crisis

South African online news site IOL reports the South Africa Municipal Workers Union’s (Samwu) “uproar” over Cape Town managers’ salary hikes given the city’s water situation. But there’s something further down the column that caught our eye.

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Water crisis will mean total crisis

The Global Risks Landscape 2018 from the World Economic Forum places Water Crisis as the 5th highest risk facing the world today. It has been pushed down the list by the increased likelihood of Cyberattacks and Data Fraud or Theft and their potential impact.

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More extreme weather events

More extreme weather events

At i2O we don’t get drawn into talking about climate change and whether it’s man-made or not. We focus on the more immediate challenge: more extreme weather is being experienced more often. Lack of rainfall and excessive precipitation are both challenges for water companies. They impact the supply, storage and treatment of clean water. Reservoirs are depleted or overflowing; treatment works are overwhelmed and water quality is more difficult to manage.

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Cyberfine for water companies

The UK Government has announced that critical national infrastructure companies will face fines of up to £17m if they fail to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, effective May 2018. Critical national infrastructure companies include energy, transport, health and water companies. They are being told that they should have in place “the most robust safeguards”. The National Cyber Security Centre has published guidance about what these should be.

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Beyond digital: Why smart water networks are a natural progression for the water industry

We recently wrote an article in December’s edition of Water Finance & Management journal outlining why we believe smart water networks are a natural progression for the water industry in order to solve the challenges they face; population growth, urbanisation and more frequent extreme weather events make delivering even adequate customer service through ageing infrastructure extremely difficult.

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Is the media to blame for the Cape Town water crisis?

The mainstream media has finally noticed that Cape Town South Africa is going to run out of water in weeks. And now the newspapers and websites and tv programmes all carry special reports about it. The media is fascinated by the crisis, the response to it, and who’s to blame.

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You need a Pressure Manager

Interesting news. Esval (Empresa Sanitaria de Valparaiso) in Chile has a Pressure Manager. A sign of things to come for water company organisation design or an oddity?

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Shower together to save water

South African Airways chief flight attendant Zanda Setlaleleng has been recognised by the Western Cape’s Water Hero initiative. He is a man of many talents which include being able to greet people in 20 different languages. He uses the opportunity of addressing a plane load of people to offer them advice on how they can save water. Part of his technique is to use humour and that includes suggesting that people shower together to save water.

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Water isn’t ancient history

Amman Citadel can be found in the heart of Jordan’s capital city Amman. It has been continuously occupied since Neolithic times. After conquest by the Greeks it was known as Philadelphia. The Romans left their mark too – the columns that stand on the site belong to the Temple of Hercules, and the amphitheatre carved into the foothills opposite the citadel can seat 6,000.

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The biggest desalination plant in the West

The coastal cities on the West of the Americas including Tijuana are growing rapidly and drought is affecting the Colorado River on which they rely.

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