Infrastructure bill passes Senate in USA

The Democrat-led House of Representatives has passed the infrastructure bill designed to upgrade the United States’ crumbling infrastructure.  But its chances of being approved in the Republican-led Senate is zero.

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NB-IoT passes tipping point

As of June 2020 GSMA had identified 94 NB-IoT networks and 37 networks LTE-M networks switched on.

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New Supply Interruption Detection Service “SIDS”

Artesia Consulting and i2O Water announce new Supply Interruption Detection Service “SIDS”.

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Data Management Milestones

Water Finance and Management has identified 4 data management milestones.

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Global Risks Report 2020

Water crises remains a major global risk.

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Day Zero – Lessons for New Zealand

New Zealand is widely regarded as having dealt well with one crisis: COVID-19.  But there’s another one they appear to be struggling with.

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The cloud is the silver lining

Lockdown has demonstrated the value of cloud computing.

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Ancient and modern

Lima is the capital and largest city in Peru.  Its population is more than 10 million, making it about the same size as London, Paris, Seoul, or Chennai.

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Lessons From Lockdown

Not a school curriculum for remote learning but two observations.

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