Pumping Lake Cowichan

Boaters told to exercise caution when out on the water...

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SADA embrace IR 4.0 with further investment in i2O's technology

Like large utilities around the world, SADA faces a multitude of challenges in providing a consistent and uninterrupted water supply to more than 2 million people in Kedah, Malaysia.

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DIY blog

DIY Disasters

And how to avoid them...

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Chile blog

Too little too late

There isn't time to build our way out of trouble. BNAmericas reports from Chile on the challenges the country faces with water supply.

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Data Lake

Awash with puns

Unity set to splash into the data lake... Amazon couldn’t have coined a happier name for its centralized data repository than Data Lake as far as the water industry is concerned.

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Rising stress levels

And near misses... The New York Times reports that a quarter of the world’s population faces looming water crises.

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Resilience. Are you prepared?

For terrible headlines and a massive fine... On Saturday nearly 1 million homes in the UK lost power. But it wasn’t just homes.  It was airports and hospitals. 

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Toilet to tap


Are you ready… Bangalore is India’s Silicon Valley.  It was once full of pristine lakes and lush gardens.  Now it’s a parched city of concrete. 

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2 layers missing

Missing layers are starting to cause problems..

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Water needs a Greta Thunberg

Not a great iceberg…

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