A dip in the gene pool

The water industry lacks customer focus and up-to-date IT systems.

So says Perry Noble, partner in investment manager Hermes Infrastructure, according to Utility Week in an article that opens with ““Sticky” workforce and limited “gene pool” in senior management causing talent problems for water”. Perry made the comments last year at the Water UK City conference.

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war and water

War and water

Avdiivka is a town in Ukraine just north of Donetsk. It’s in a war zone. In 2013 its population was officially 35,000. In January 2017 the BBC estimated the population to be between 16,000 and 22,000.

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UN Report

Climate change and growing global population threaten water security says UN

The UN has published its 2018 World Water Development Report.

It calculates that global water demand is growing at 1% per annum mainly because of population growth. They say that whilst agriculture will remain the largest user, industrial and domestic demand will increase much faster. And the vast majority of the growth in demand for water will occur in countries with developing or emerging economies.

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Demography is destiny

Of the 6 challenges facing water companies that we have identified (increasing population and urbanisation, more extreme weather events, an ageing network infrastructure, an ageing workforce, customers becoming more demanding, and difficulty in increasing revenue or accessing capital), the one that gets the least column inches is Ageing Workforce.

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Top glove

You probably haven’t heard of the Top Glove Corporation.

So you won’t know that it’s the largest rubber glove manufacturer in the world. It started in 1991 with a single factory and 3 production lines. Today it owns and operates 30 factories and more than 500 production lines in Malaysia, Thailand and China, with a capacity of more than 52 billion gloves per annum.

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Water Online Article

A smarter future for water distribution and non-revenue Water management

Our CEO Joel Hagan features in the latest edition of the Water Innovations magazine and provides his thoughts on how he believes innovation is helping to improve water distribution and non-revenue water management.  

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Pitbull – the global water terrier

It’s not often this blog provides a link to Rolling Stone. But it’s the music press that’s giving the most coverage to Miami-born Cuban American rapper Armando Christian Perez (also known as Pitbull, Mr. 305, and Mr. Worldwide) who has a new role as the United Nation’s Clean Water Here Global Ambassador, covered here in the NME.

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Russian Government Cyber Activity Targets Water

i2O has sought to be a leader in information security. Why? Because we provide services to an industry that is responsible for critical national infrastructure. It seems that we were right to do so.

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All hands to the pump

i2O doesn’t just sell its clients hardware and leave them to get on with it. We know that maintaining an estate of hardware, using it, and getting the most out of it requires time and knowledge that water companies don’t always have.

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Baby it’s cold outside

The Sun newspaper reported that it was the coldest day ever in March. “Big thaw leaves thousands without water in parts of UK” said the BBC.

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