Shower together to save water

South African Airways chief flight attendant Zanda Setlaleleng has been recognised by the Western Cape’s Water Hero initiative. He is a man of many talents which include being able to greet people in 20 different languages. He uses the opportunity of addressing a plane load of people to offer them advice on how they can save water. Part of his technique is to use humour and that includes suggesting that people shower together to save water.

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The future isn’t LPWAN

IDC FutureScape’s report that contains its Worldwide Internet of Things 2017 Predictions includes this:

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i2O begins production of next-generation logger

i2O, the smart water network solutions company, today announced that it has begun production of its next-generation smart data logger, Logger 17, to provide water utilities with greater insight from their distribution networks and improve how they access it.

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Living on the edge

Edge analytics isn’t a form of extreme analytics with data scientists performing complex calculations on precipitous cliffs. So what is it, and why does it matter? It’s key to effective network monitoring. Here’s the theory:

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SCADA isn’t a panacea

Kristina Foster, Marketing Communications Manager at Sensus and formerly of Schneider Electric has written an interesting post about asset maintenance.

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H2O Will Trump CO2

Alpheus Water Research has written a wide-ranging piece explaining why they think that water will surpass climate change as the world’s main preoccupation in future.

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Lady freethinker.jpeg

Lady Freethinker

Lady Freethinker is “a nonprofit media organization with the mission of achieving a free and compassionate world — for every species”.

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Dam it

The building of dams often has consequences downstream. No more so than in the case of Ethiopia’s flagship dam – the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). The water will power the largest hydroelectric power plant in Africa at 6,450 MW, making it the 7th largest in the world. The river? The Blue Nile.

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Kevin Starling appointed non-executive director at i2O

i2O, the smart water network solutions company, today announced that Kevin Starling has joined the i2O board as a non-executive director.

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i2O extends global sales force reach with eight hires in six months

i2O, the smart water network solutions company, today announced that it has completed a major investment in new talent and a tripling in the size of its global sales force since the beginning of the year. New i2O sales and client support staff are now in place in Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and North America.

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