PWC’s CEO survey reports that organisations struggle to corral data into useable and actionable intelligence, and the main reason for their frustration is ‘lack of analytical talent’, followed closely by ‘data siloing’ and ‘poor data reliability’.i2O blog - Organisations struggle to corral data into useable and actionable intelligence

i2O’s new iNet solution helps water companies address these three issues, and deliver actionable insight that will help identify and resolve network problems quickly (before customers call, reputation is damaged, and regulatory penalties apply), and schedule maintenance efficiently on the basis of condition rather than time/risk.

iNet does the analytics for you. It takes data, performs calculations and runs algorithms that drive accurate insights from the data. Unlike people it works tirelessly every minute of every day with the processing power of an army of analysts if required.

It ingests date from multiple sources – from different logger manufacturers, from SCADA. No more data silos or technology islands.

It identifies devices not communicating, values that indicate a problem, and predicts battery life.

PWC notes that one of the more striking findings in this year’s survey is the fact that the ‘information gap’—the gap between the data CEOs need and what they get—has not closed in the ten years since they last asked them these questions.

It’s time to close that gap. With i2O.

CTA_iNet brochure.pdf

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