i2O announced today that it has signed an agreement with GDH Water in China. Under the agreement, i2O will supply loggers to GDH Water and work on a wider collaboration to make i2O's smart network solutions available to water companies in the Group and the wider Chinese market.

DSCN5128.jpgJoel Hagan, CEO at i2O, commented: "China is a huge market. It faces the same challenges as other parts of the world in water supply and distribution but is unique in the rate of growth of its population and the cities that accommodate them.”

“We are lucky to have GDH Water as a client and partner. It is a rapidly expanding and ambitious group that is committed to smart solutions to deliver a reliable and cost effective supply of safe drinking water. It has clear social responsibility and profit motives, being quoted on the Hong Kong stock exchange. We look forward to working in partnership with them.”

Qifeng Tan, Director and General Manager at GDH Water, commented: "i2O is a company that we have watched with interest over the last few years. During that time we have evaluated a number of local and international companies supplying loggers and advanced pressure management. We have found i2O to have the most accurate robust and reliable offerings. We look forward to working in partnership with i2O to deploy its solutions in our companies, to bring them to the wider China market and to collaborate more closely in the future.”

Guangdong Investment Limited, the parent company of GDH Water, is quoted on the Hong Kong Stock market. Last year it turned over HKD10.46 billion with a profit of HKD4.65 billion. There are 28 water companies in the Group in four of China's provinces, serving a population of 38 million people. It is China's second largest water treatment company.

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