Save water: swap grass for gravel

Turf Terminators of California, USA allows residents to utilise water conservation rebates for turf removal.  Rebates of $3.75 per square foot are available to Los Angeles residents for turf removal, the theory being that grass needs to be watered and without it water usage decreases markedly. 


According to Bloomberg, in an article that is a fascinating read, in less than two years Turf Terminators removed 16 million square feet of grass from 12,000 lawns and garnered $44 million in rebate dollars. The company isn’t currently accepting new customers.  Maybe because they weren’t doing a great job. Customers complained about dead plants and the quality of mulch amongst other things.

If you’re seeking inspiration for a drought tolerant garden, then marvel at Derek Jarman’s garden and Beth Chatto’s garden.

If you’re seeking inspiration for smart network solutions that enable networks to be instrumented, maximum insight from that data, and remote control/automatic optimisation of pressure so that water loss can be minimised, asset life extended, and customer service improved, then get in touch with i2O.

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