Global Water Intelligence ranks i2O top quartile

In its latest report Global Water Market 2017, Global Water Intelligence ranks i2O above its direct competitors in terms of being both a market leader and having multiple solutions.  i2O also ranks as top quartile alongside much larger companies: ABB; metering companies Itron, Sensus and Diehl; and leak detection specialist Gutermann.

GWM2017_coverForMarketing_updated160519.jpgSince the report was prepared, i2O has further increased its solution set, adding dNet in Spring 2016 to enable data to be returned direct from its sensors; and iNet earlier this month to enable the maximum amount of insight to be derived from network data; as well as continuing to improve the functionality of its original solution oNet which enables the remote control and automatic optimisation of pressure in the network at both pumps and PRVs.

Smart water networks look like an increasingly attractive alternative to the capital intensive and long-term nature of building new supply infrastructure or deploying smart metering; the limited impact and potentially punitive nature of demand reduction; and traditional labour-intensive and costly methods of replacing pipe and detecting leaks which tend to shift the problem rather than solve it.  By contrast, smart network benefits can be obtained quickly, are relatively inexpensive, and can identify root causes.

Consequently, the report predicts a CAGR of 9.4% for the smart water network sector, defining a similar set of industry challenges to those i2O has identified as the market forces driving that growth.

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