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Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop for jeans

A new article from the BBC reports that it takes an average 11,000 litres of water to make a pair of jeans.  You probably didn’t realise that. It takes more than four litres to grow an almond and there are a lot of almonds growing in California, which continues to suffer from drought. Water is also used extensively in the Oil & Gas and Utility industries.

Water wate.jpgIrrigation and energy production account for the vast majority of water use, dwarfing the amount that domestic consumers drink, use to clean themselves, their clothes and their cars, and sprinkle on their gardens.

Water availability is more challenged than it has ever been.  Water utilities around the globe face similar challenges: increasing population size and urbanisation, ageing network infrastructure and more extreme weather events.  These challenges would be tough enough on their own but are exacerbated by an ageing workforce meaning the loss of network knowledge, customers becoming more demanding, and static or declining revenues which don’t in all cases even cover the cost of water.

i2O’s smart water network solutions enable utilities to ensure that the maximum amount of water that goes into the network makes it to the user reliably, predictably, and at the appropriate quality level.  They also reduce operating costs and extend asset life.

We don’t just help make sure there is water to drink, but jeans to wear, almonds to eat, petrol to put in your car, etc., etc.

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