i2O launches dNet solution at SWAN

Joel Hagan announced i2O’s new dNet solution to more than 180 delegates at the SWAN Conference in London on Tuesday and spoke about the major water industry challenges it helps to address.

launch-dnet.pngWith increasing and urbanising population, extreme weather events happening with greater frequency, ageing infrastructure and workforces, more demanding customers and significant revenue constraints, it is becoming increasingly difficult for water utilities to ensure that supply consistently meets demand.

dNet allows more mature utilities with enterprise and analytics software to take data directly from i2O’s robust, reliable and affordable loggers in order to make networks smarter and provide the actionable insight and automated control water utilities required to improve customer service.

Smart networks are about taking data and turning it into actionable insight to help water utilities. They are a highly cost-effective alternative to investment in building new supply infrastructure, replacing pipes or changing customer behaviour to reduce demand.

The launch of dNet was well received and has already generated significant interest from water utilities all over the world. It complements i2O’s existing oNet solution, which is used by more than 100 utilities in more than 25 countries to control and optimise pressure in their networks. 


Here are highlights from Joel’s presentation at the SWAN Conference. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss how i2O’s smart water network solutions can help you.

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