Fun, Food and Fundraising for Water Aid

Our last fundraising event for Water Aid was so successful, we thought it was high time we organised another one and what better time than at Christmas! Another i2O Water Bake Off was on the menu again and better than ever, with employees testing their culinary skills with ’empanadas’ and mince pies. Cakes, fudge and flapjacks were also baked for all to enjoy as it’s the festive season and therefore the time for tasty treats and sweets.


To make the day even more special, we had Volunteer Water Aid speaker David Charters join us for the morning to tell us more about what the charity does and where the money we raise ends up. 

This December, we decided to donate the money we raised to the Deliver Life campaign which ensures that mothers in poor communities are giving birth in a clean, safe environment. To support this appeal, the UK government is match funding every £1 donated to the cause.

Only £15 is needed to provide one person with access to safe drinking water. This means that along with the money matched by the government, we helped to make clean water a reality for over 25 mothers this Christmas with the £384.00 we raised from our i2O Water Bake Off.

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