i2O invests in manufacturing its own Advanced Pilot Valves, passes benefits to water utility clients

i2O, the smart water network solutions company, today announced that it has added a new production line for manufacturing its patent protected Advanced Pilot Valves (APVs) at its state-of-the-art production facility in Woolston, Southampton.

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Russian Government Cyber Activity Targets Water

i2O has sought to be a leader in information security. Why? Because we provide services to an industry that is responsible for critical national infrastructure. It seems that we were right to do so.

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All hands to the pump

i2O doesn’t just sell its clients hardware and leave them to get on with it. We know that maintaining an estate of hardware, using it, and getting the most out of it requires time and knowledge that water companies don’t always have.

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Baby it’s cold outside

The Sun newspaper reported that it was the coldest day ever in March. “Big thaw leaves thousands without water in parts of UK” said the BBC.

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Queen Bee - lessons from a crisis

South African online news site IOL reports the South Africa Municipal Workers Union’s (Samwu) “uproar” over Cape Town managers’ salary hikes given the city’s water situation. But there’s something further down the column that caught our eye.

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Water crisis will mean total crisis

The Global Risks Landscape 2018 from the World Economic Forum places Water Crisis as the 5th highest risk facing the world today. It has been pushed down the list by the increased likelihood of Cyberattacks and Data Fraud or Theft and their potential impact.

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More extreme weather events

More extreme weather events

At i2O we don’t get drawn into talking about climate change and whether it’s man-made or not. We focus on the more immediate challenge: more extreme weather is being experienced more often. Lack of rainfall and excessive precipitation are both challenges for water companies. They impact the supply, storage and treatment of clean water. Reservoirs are depleted or overflowing; treatment works are overwhelmed and water quality is more difficult to manage.

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Cyberfine for water companies

The UK Government has announced that critical national infrastructure companies will face fines of up to £17m if they fail to protect themselves from cyber-attacks, effective May 2018. Critical national infrastructure companies include energy, transport, health and water companies. They are being told that they should have in place “the most robust safeguards”. The National Cyber Security Centre has published guidance about what these should be.

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i2O ensures water supply is maintained at world’s largest religious festival

Pilgrims travelling to Makkah for the Hajj pilgrimage last year benefitted from a successful water distribution and environmental services plan implemented by Saudi’s National Water Company (NWC) and supported by smart water network solutions company i2O.

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Innovation in water...

Innovation in water conservation and leakage management

We recently wrote an article in December’s edition of Water Active highlighting why we believe innovation is helping to tackle water conservation and leakage management with the UK leading the way.  You can read the full article here.

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